CONSTRUCCIONS I PROMOCIONS ANEMCO S.L., is a family business set up in 1991 in Palafrugell and operating throughout the province of Girona, founded by the Andújar Ramos brothers on the basis of the experience they had built up at their father's company, Construccions Anna (est. 1975). Since it was first established the company has continued to grow, expanding from its beginnings as just five brothers with three employees to a company which today employs some thirty-five workers.

The company's policy involves a manager (Works Supervisor) being appointed for each construction project with responsibility for handling the whole coordination process, including the company's own workers and subcontractors, giving the company genuine, constant, hands-on contact with the status of the project, meaning that property developers can be offered up-to-date information.

The company undertakes projects throughout the province of Girona.


Managers are in a position to take on board the instructions of the architectural team, such as project interpretation, measurements, plans, preparation of price quotations and certificates and all aspects connected with administrative execution of the works.

Our company holds the following classifications;

  • REA Certificate, registered on 09/07/2008
  • Business Classification since 1991; for execution of Public Works.
  • We have since January 2008 been in the process of implementing a Quality Management System and Environmental Management System in order to be awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, respectively.



Our office is staffed with qualified personnel and equipped with the latest information technology (computers, Internet, administration and design programs (AutoCAD), plotter for colour plans) to increase the flexibility and speed with which works are executed.


This represents the quality we offer our clients, in terms of personal treatment, the resources to deal with any issues which may arise during execution of the works, value-for-money materials, the professionalism of our workers and our environmental responsibility.

Carrer Mestre Sagrera, 47-53 bx. 1 - 17200 PALAFRUGELL - E-mail:info@anemco.es
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